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What Inspired Me to Dedicate My Coaching Services to Women Senior Leaders

My decision to dedicate my coaching services to women executives in public service and technology sectors was not the result of one profound event.

Instead, I arrived here after many years of witnessing firsthand the unique challenges faced by women executives, along with my own personal development as a leader.

As an OD consultant and internal coach who has spent over 15 years supporting, advising, teaching and coaching senior leaders in technology, science, and finance streams, this is what I've witnessed over and over:

➡ Women often wrestle with imposter syndrome and self-imposed perfectionism more frequently than men, yet internalize it rather than seeking support.

➡ They also have to #unlearn social norms instilled in them from an early age, such as being assertive, asking for what they need, publicly celebrating their accomplishments, and putting their own needs ahead of others.

➡ Sadly, many women still encounter gender-based microaggressions, overt discrimination, and #barriers on a regular basis.

These challenges make it harder for women executives to fully live into their ambitions. If they go for what they want, they often sacrifice their wellbeing. If they instead prioritize their values outside of work, they often stop short of reaching their professional dreams. This is a problem.

I decided to step away from my corporate leadership consulting career so that I could offer dedicated support to women in senior leadership.

My mission is to help these women lead with more impact and ease.

I work with my clients to improve four key aspects of their leadership:

1. Clear vision

2. Systemic awareness

3. Emotional intelligence

4. Mindset

👇 👇 👇 👇

If you're an executive looking to move towards greater impact, I invite you to book a complimentary 30-minute zero-pressure coaching call with me -->


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