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Hi, I'm Olga...

I've been a successful leadership and organizational development consultant for over 15 years, serving in large complex government organizations.


I've been a trusted advisor and coach to leaders ranging from front-line managers to C-suite executives, helping them lead with effective impact. I supported dozens of leaders as they transitioned into executive level roles.


And I've been a leader myself. 


I've taught leadership effectiveness skills and competencies to dozens of emerging executive members, which prepared them for success as they landed their next promotions.

I've developed best-in-class curriculum for leadership development programs that not only incorporated the best of leadership theories and trends, but were also closely aligned to broader government modernization strategies.

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Our world needs more executive women.  

   I'm on a mission to help 100 women executives achieve remarkable results that make the world a better place. 

People who I've worked with say this about me: 

  • Big-picture strategic thinker and leader by nature

  • Seek out and make sense of multiple perspectives on an issue

  • Courage and skill to ask tough questions of those who have more power and authority than me

  • Willingness to voice the unpopular opinion, for the sake of arriving at a well-thought-out strategy together

  • Challenge people’s thinking in a way that strengthens rather than damage our relationship

  • Holding my clients to high expectations in terms of how they lead themselves. (I hold myself to the same standard first)

What I know about the leap:

1. Success in senior leadership requires a unique combination of skills and behaviours that are vastly different from what you have honed as a manager.

2. A lot of these skills cannot be learned by hearing or reading about them. They must be nurtured from the inside out: emotional intelligence, positive intelligence, resilience, courage and resolve. 

3. Success also requires people in your corner – mentors, champions, thought partners – who will guide, encourage and challenge you as you grow - but they might be hard to find. 

4. Seemingly small missteps by an executive can turn into a tsunami of lost productivity, disengagement and talent drain. And...

5. Small actions, done well, can quickly grow into exponential positive impact.

6. Women have the extra challenge of needing to unlearn societal norms that they have been holding onto:

  • Putting our own needs and goals last

  • Hesitating to publicly celebrate our own accomplishments

  • Not asking for help when we need it

Having me in your corner as your executive coach, means you can skip the early floundering stage and go straight to confidently crushing it. 


Over 15 years of professional in-house leadership development, coaching and strategic HR consulting

MEd in Adult Education (Workplace Learning and Social Change)

Honours BA in Psychology

ICF PCC and ADLER-trained coach

Voted among Top 15 Coaches in Victoria, BC, Canada in 2022 and 2024

Certified Practitioner


EQ-1 2.0 and EQ 360

Lumina Spark

Lumina Leader (Self and 360)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Systemic Team Coaching

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