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Executive coaching for leaders navigating change and uncertainty.

Break through what's getting in the way of your momentum.

Show up with unshakeable focus and confidence. 

Secure the net positive impact you envision. 

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Is this you?


You are a visionary, purpose-driven leader who sees clear potential for making things better. Keeping with status quo feels unacceptable.


You are deeply passionate about using your talents to help others grow and get better results, whether that’s your team, organization or community.

Do you also:

  • Notice that your calls for doing things differently seems to fall on deaf ears? Your ideas are too far ahead of those around you.

  • Feel frustrated with the lack of traction on important changes you’re wanting to make in the company?


  • Find yourself stuck in the weeds, with no bandwidth left for more strategic, truly impactful work?


  • Feel a constant need to prove yourself, leaving you feeling overextended and on the brink of defeat?


  • Struggle with imposter syndrome or feeling like you don’t belong?

Imagine what might be possible if instead you were able to:

  • Find new ways to draw people in towards your vision more effectively, so they don’t just entertain the idea but actually get excited about it?


  • Resolve previously hidden systems-level tension in your organization, thus unleashing your change project?


  • Focus on what’s truly essential and shed or delegate the rest… without sacrificing overall quality of work?


  • ​Feel more in control of how you show up and the boundaries you’re able to set?


  • Find your own authentic leadership voice, allowing you to speak with authority that feels genuine, no longer being concerned with “fitting in”?


  • Break free from imposter syndrome, for good this time.

You can have all this, and more!
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Hi, I'm Olga...

Being a female executive brings several challenges. Being a female executive who is a purpose-driven changemaker trying to break through the status-quo inertia is on a whole other level.


The potential for making a deeply rewarding impact on your people and business is high. And so are the risks of burnout and defeat.

I help my clients to strengthen five aspects of their leadership that are essential for maximizing their transformational impact: vision & focus, emotional intelligence, mindset management, leadership presence and systemic intelligence.

Samantha L.

International CIO

"A brief conversation with Olga pushed me out of my comfort zone to identify real areas of growth and practical strategies for leading with impact. Olga's thoughtful manner, her empathy and curiosity helped me better understand how I can have more impact as a leader and the conversation got me started on the track to achieve this in a measurable way."

Julie L.

Executive and Team Coach

"Working as a coach, Olga has a gift for creating space for her client. Within this space, Olga invites reflection and insights, which are relevant, fresh and timely. From these insights, Olga encourages her client to choose actions that are practical, doable and powerful. Olga champions coaching in the workplace as a key tool for talent development and organization performance."

Reka T.

Leader driving change in organizational culture

"Working with Olga at a point in my career when I faced multiple decisions was the best choice I made. She is a wonderful, empathetic coach who is pushing you out of your comfort zone in the most gentle yet very powerful way. She helps you discover more than what you imagined possible before."
Image by Kyle Glenn

Impactful Leadership Scorecard

Discover your FREE, personalized impactful leadership score which shows how well positioned you are to achieve optimal results in the face of challenges.

You'll get scored in the following key areas:

  • Vision and focus

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Mindset Management

  • Leadership Presence

  • Systemic Intelligence

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