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Helping new executive women navigate their leadership transition with confidence and achieve remarkable results

Excel in your next challenge by enhancing your strategic thinking, communication, influence and emotional intelligence.

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You are a mission-driven leader with an impressive track record of getting results. 

Your team respects you for your technical expertise and your ability to foster a productive, inclusive workplace culture. 

You pride yourself on being self-aware and emotionally intelligent. You have done enough work on this to know how you show up and to be able to read others' emotions, most of the time. 

All this positions you well to take the leap into your first executive role. 


But, what got you here will not get you same results in your next challenge.

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Leveling up to executive requires a different set of skills and mindset.

You must transform how you lead if you want to be successful. 

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Julie L.

"Working as a coach, Olga has a gift for creating space for her client. Within this space, Olga invites reflection and insights, which are relevant, fresh and timely. From these insights, Olga encourages her client to choose actions that are practical, doable and powerful. Olga champions coaching in the workplace as a key tool for talent development and organization performance."

Reka T.

"Working with Olga at a point in my career when I faced multiple decisions was the best choice I made. She is a wonderful, empathetic coach who is pushing you out of your comfort zone in the most gentle yet very powerful way. She helps you discover more than what you imagined possible before."
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