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Private Coaching for the 
Emerging Executive

You're on the cusp on leveling up to a senior leadership role after a track record of high performance and great results. Our work together will focus on strengthening a few key ingredients that will set you up for success in your promotion.


Most commonly, these are the skills and qualities that need most attention in the leap to executive leadership: 

  • strategic thinking (broader scope, systemic, future-ready)

  • communicating as a leader (influence, clarity, presence)

  • emotional intelligence (within self and in relation to others)

Benefits you will gain: 

  • Evidence-based understanding of your leadership strengths and focus areas

  • Clarity around your unique leadership style and value proposition

  • Systems thinking skills that you can use to achieve remarkable results for the rest of your career

  • Ability to rally others around your ideas and wield more influence

  • Increased emotional self-awareness and ability to use emotional data in how you lead

  • Greater confidence in your signature strengths and capabilities

How it works:

Below is a rough sketch of how clients move through the Emerging Executive program. But keep in mind, coaching is dynamic and your context is unique. Our work together may look somewhat differently but it will always be zeroed in on getting your results on your goals. 

Phase 1:
Map It Out

2 Sessions + Assessment

Get crystal clear on the executive role you want and what pulls you there. Map out exact skills you need to get there and your aligning strengths.


Perhaps you have your sights on an Executive Director role where you get to drive innovative change and your top two growth gaps are building alliances and managing setbacks.


You get a brand new outlook on your personal leadership vision, your signature strengths and leadership style, and specific gaps that need attention. 


The result: a personalized development plan with clearly defined goals and practical activities that accelerate your journey to executive leadership.

Phase 2: Learning Goals

5-6 sessions

Complete the development goals you set out for yourself in Phase 1 and boost the leadership strengths you already possess.


Perhaps you need to get better at setting your boundaries so you can free up time for reflection, a key ingredient for strategic leadership required of executives. Or, you might need to practice communicating in a more compelling way. 


Through practical, hands-on learning you quickly grow your skills while also gaining important experience that you can later bring into job interviews. You also proactively leverage your strengths in day-to-day work, thereby improving your confidence.

The result: you master new skills and become an even more effective leader.

Phase 3: Raise Your Profile

2-3 sessions

It’s time to raise your profile and grow your influence! By now, you're primed to recognize and step up in situations that let you showcase your executive potential.


Perhaps you need to diversify your network or to find more ways to be in front of executive audiences. We look at ways you can do this. 


You also learn to confidently talk about yourself as a strong leader ready to take on an executive challenge. You work on meeting new people and getting involved in projects that align with your career goals.


The result: more visibility and a wider network of people who know you and may support you in your journey to executive.

Phase 4: Reinforce Key Learning

1 session

Close the program by reinforcing all of your learning thus far. We take time to celebrate your milestones and help you find examples of your strategic, exceptional leadership in action that you can use for executive-level interviews in the (very near) future.


The result: you feel supported long after you complete the coaching program.


Each coaching program is closely tailored to the unique goals and circumstances of each client. Exact pricing is based on the custom-designed plan.


Book a free consult call to explore whether this program is a good fit for you. 

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