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Young Asian business woman


You worked hard to get here and now you have an exciting opportunity in front of you.

Now, a quick reality check:

Are you now working longer days and evenings, trying to keep up with the onslaught of demand and expectations and wondering if moving up was a big mistake?


Are you still stuck in the weeds, with no bandwidth left for the more strategic, impactful work (aka, the fun part of this new job you craved)?


Are you frustrated with the lack of traction on important changes you’re wanting to make in the company?


Do you feel a loneliness that you didn’t expect? You feel you can never be completely genuine with anyone at work and you never quite know if the feedback you’re getting is fully candid.


Is the Old Boys Club mentality of your boss and peers now showing its ugly colors making you feel like you constantly need to prove yourself, at the cost of personal sacrifices?

Imagine instead...

You’ve figured out your true priorities in this role and how to best use your work time so that you can actually enjoy your work time AND care-free dinner with your family, every night.


You have found your own genuine leadership voice. You're able to get your point across in a way that feels authentic to you, and you're no longer worried about "fitting in".

You feel more in control and this work is finally truly rewarding.


You are able to focus on the essential and delegate the rest. And overall quality of work? It’s not just living up to your expectations, it is exponentially better than you imagined.


You feel connected to your team and direct reports. You’ve cultivated a workplace culture that is inclusive and psychologically safe.


You have a handful of trusted colleagues and mentors you can lean on, whether as a confidential sounding board, for a pep talk or a reality check.

I help new executive women deliver extraordinary results and firmly establish themselves on the executive team without overwhelm or sacrifice.

Transitioning to a new level of senior leadership is not for the faint of heart. It is can be both incredibly hard and extremely rewarding, at the same time.


Welcome to your next challenge!

The first 6-12 months are crucial for setting the tone for the rest of your time here.


Your leadership skills are being tested like never before and the likelihood of costly mistakes is high.

It is easy to default to your old approach, except it no longer works.


I can help you get your leadership approach up to speed quickly so that you’re able to shine in your first year.


You will gain traction with your people, business and stakeholders, and make a real difference. This is what you came into your job to do, no?

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