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 Customized Solutions 

You are a leader with a vision.


Perhaps you want to bring about real or transformational change. Or you want to lead more strongly from a place of purpose. Maybe you want to leave a meaningful legacy.


You've set your sights on something big. Something too important to fail or stagnate. And you are committed to doing what it takes to make this vision a reality. ​

I am a coach and consultant who can help you get there. 

I am a seasoned professional in areas of leadership development, organizational and team effectiveness. I equip leaders with the skills and tools they need to transform how they lead so they can see better results.​

I can offer a tailored combination of services to meet your specific needs and help you bring your vision to life. 

Coaching services: 
  • Private coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Group coaching​

Consulting areas of expertise:
  • Leadership effectiveness

  • Team effectiveness

  • Leading people through change

Facilitated sessions (sample topics):
  • Leading self through change

  • Leading others through change

  • Strengthening leadership effectiveness

  • Systems approach to team effectiveness

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Building trust with virtual teams

  • Improving psychological safety

  • Team values and team agreements


Audiences I’ve worked with, virtually and in-person:
  • Executive teams

  • Small to medium size work unit teams

  • All staff off-sites

  • Emerging leaders (manager-ready)

  • Experienced leaders (director- and executive-ready)

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