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Slowing Down is a Pre-requisite for Change

Powerful shifts happen ONLY when we slow down.

We're busy. We're always so busy.

Some of us have even taken to wearing "busy" as a badge of honour. I've been there myself.

We (wrongfully) think that taking on a bunch of work and working without rest is how we prove our value and earn respect.

This busyness results in a strong momentum that keeps us on the same path and makes change seem next to impossible.

Just like a racecar going around a corner, i.e. changing it's trajectory, we MUST slow down if we want to change how we operate, how we think and how we relate to others.

When we slow down, we breathe more deeply. Our brain chemistry changes and we're able to gain new awareness and form new connections in our thinking.

What seems like a small shift in how we look at things, can lead to a powerful change in your trajectory from here on out. But you would not have arrived at it if you didn't slow down.

Wishing you a happy holiday season, full of joy and connection. And, alongside the happy busyness of holidays, I hope you get some time to just stop, breathe and simply be.

Much love to the world 💞


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