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Reframing Fears that Hold You Back


Do you know what’s holding you back?


What are you afraid of? What are you really afraid of that you dare not voice out loud?


Being able to understand and acknowledge this fear will allow you to no longer be controlled by it.


For most of my life, I hesitated to share my out-of-box ideas because I was afraid of how embarrassed I would feel if those ideas fell flat. I was afraid of feeling stupid and hated the thought of being judged.


Through personal development, working with a coach and mentors, I eventually learned to face my fear and grow beyond it.


I learned that my fears stem from my ego’s attempts to protect me from something, but they are twisted, ineffective expressions of that intent.


I learned to sit with my fears, to understand and appreciate where they are coming from. “In what way is it trying to serve me?” “How can I reconcile the underlying intent with what I’m trying to accomplish?”


I learned to recognize the signals and to name my fear for what it is, so that it was no longer a subconscious force that I was at the effect of. Instead, being aware of what was actually happening for me, I learned to have more control in how I responded in any given situation.


Now, I am much more comfortable in sharing my thoughts and ideas, even if they go against the popular opinion and even if they’re not yet fully baked. I might still feel that fear rear it’s head in a particular set of circumstances, but I know how to deal with that feeling in the moment so that it no longer holds me back from what truly matters.


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